Types of fences

Fence installation may seem pretty straightforward, like something you can do on your own in a few days, but it actually tends to be more complicated than that. You need to account and adjust for slopes in your yard so everything looks even, and so many other little intricacies that only an expert would be truly familiar with. We can take you from wishing you had privacy to completely and comfortable fenced in in just a few days’ time with our professional installation crews.

Wood fencing

Wood fences are a classic, they’re the first or second thing most of us think of when we think of fences. Ever since people started marking property lines long ago, they’ve been using what they had around them. That would be wood, it’s easy to get, easy to form, and pretty long lasting overall! Wood offers a certain level of comfort and security and is available literally everywhere, which makes it a great option! Still to this day, wood fences are extremely popular, it’s hard to NOT see one any time you’re out and about. Wood is also extremely affordable and customizable, you can stain/paint it any color you may choose and make it look just about any way you want to. Wood fences do require maintenance every now and again, but if you take care of them they’ll take care of you for a very long time too.

Aluminum fences

No other fencing material can quite compare to the mix of strength and affordability that aluminum fence brings to the table. It is of course pretty similar to any other metal fence in its strength and ability to stand strong for a long time, but it’s also mostly all recycled and sustainable and very resistant to rust and weather. When it comes to maintenance just about all that you’ll have to do with this is hose any big messes off of it, you shouldn’t have to worry about rust or anything else. Aluminum also comes in many different designs, colors, and styles, unlike some other types of fences which may come in very few styles. You should never settle when it comes to your fence, and aluminum gives you the option to pick out a design that you love.

Commercial fencing service

If you have an area that you want to keep people out of, we highly recommend that you look into fencing that area in. We can handle commercial fencing of any type, from around an airport/landing strip to around an area of your business that you just need extra security for. Our high security fences are made to keep unwanted things out, and the things important to you in. Experience tends to be the difference maker when it comes to jobs like these.

A less experienced company may not have the knowledge or ability to keep your fence level all the way around your property, it’s not an easy job. When you choose a company with years of experience with big jobs, you can rest assured that all is going to be perfectly and you won’t be stuck looking at a crooked or ineffective fence. Chain link tends to be the go-to option for commercial fencing, it’s very hard to get through, affordable, and very sturdy, it’ll stay strong for a long time to come. Visit fencing Raleigh NC for more tips.

Getting reliable fencing services

Things like fencing may seem simple enough to do, you may even be able to do some of it on your own. But at the same time, if you want your fencing job to last you at all, you need to ensure that you’re getting a professional company to come out and do the work for you. Before anything building-wise can happen, we need to analyze your yard and just look for any potential trouble spots like areas with a lot of runoff or a weak base. If you go with a budget service, you may get fast service but you also probably won’t get the good pre-check and planning that we offer. That fence might be built faster, but it’ll come crashing down far faster than ours would. When we come out, we do all the planning we need to, and then get to work once we feel ready. Even for big jobs like a deck, we do our best to get it built and ready for you to use in a timely manner, but we’ll never sacrifice on our quality. If you need quality fencing work done anywhere, you need us.