Mail may seem like a thing of the past, only really used for getting bills and stuff in the mail. But it’s actually a powerful marketing tool that can still have fantastic results today. It’s great for reaching out to existing customers and new ones alike, it’s a far more flexible advertising medium than you may think. Small businesses are really able to take advantage of mail advertising, it can be used to send out reminders to customers in your area or to reach out to new potential customers in your direct area. Things like mail advertising are way easier for people to ignore, since mail is something physical it’s a lot harder to not pay some kind of attention to.

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A lot of business owners question the validity of bulk mailing in modern times, and it’s a valid concern in the online world we live in. Online marketing is of course effective in its own right, but so many of those ads are ignored and not even noticed, ad blindness is a real thing. People are more open to getting things like this in the mail, it gives them something tangible that they can hold on to and see, it’s more personal and meaningful. Bulk mail tends to be more small business driven, and it just so happens that people are also more likely to want to support local businesses in the area. It’s the perfect way to let people in your direct area know what you’re doing, new things you’ve done, deals you have going on, really anything! People can’t come to your business If they don’t know you’re there in the first place. Physical marketing will probably always have higher rates or return than its digital counterpart just due to the sheer quantity and spamminess of it. In the end it’s all about getting real results, and that’s what bulk mailing does.

First and foremost, identifying your target market is key with direct mailing. If you’re selling pregnancy supplies you don’t want to be sending out to men, just like if you’re selling yarn, you’re probably going to want to target more old people rather than young. Some business categories are going to have far broader target markets than others. Let’s compare grocery stores and a specialty motorcycle parts store. Your grocery store is going to have a very broad audience, say adults from 21-65, a pretty all-encompassing range. While your parts store may want to focus advertising on adult men over 45, far more specific, as this is way more of a specialty item. You just need to know who you’re selling to and try to get in front of them more than just your average person, getting in front of people more likely to be interested in your service is a surefire way of increasing your return from your advertising campaign. We do want to mention that targets markets are not at all a way of discriminating, it’s simply a way of dividing people into useful groups so you can market to them effectively.

Direct Mailing

Advertising is a tough field, as people are bombarded with more and more ads it’s harder to get them to actually notice yours. Direct mail Columbia SC is just inherently more effective than others. A lot of people even look forward to getting coupon books and special offers from businesses in their area believe it or not, they’re a great incentive. A lot of people will be willing to try a new place for the first time if they’re given a coupon to use, that’s one fantastic incentive. If done right, you can get the attention of a lot of people in your community, by far your most important client base. If you’re nervous about jumping in, you can dip your toe in and do limited runs just to gauge the responses you get.