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Top 4 Home Improvement Don’ts


People often say don’t sweat the small things, but sweat the small things when you’re improving your home. Before we get into the 4 Don’ts when it comes to home improvement remember to stay vigilant at all times.

1. Don’t Forget Safety

Regardless of whether you go down the DIY route or decide to hire a contractor, safety should be your number one concern. Ensure that you have enough spare goggles in the house along with doing the basics such as not overloading the outlets and turning off the breakers. If you have a child in the house, make sure to help them understand how important it is to stay safe and clear from the work that is taking place.

2. Don’t skip Primer

Unless you’re painting latex over latex, the primer is super essential. Prime is a must when it comes to all paint jobs. Primer helps to seal the surface while providing durability. So if you’re looking at making sure your paint job lasts for the foreseeable future then apply that coat of primer. Oh, we forgot to mention how primer helps the paint adhere and bond with the wall easily, so don’t try to cut costs by not using a primer.

3. Don’t hire just anyone


Make sure to hire the right person for the job. There are countless stories of homeowners having to invest a ton of money into their home improvement projects due to their contractor doing a shoddy job in the first place. Hire a professional contractor by doing enough research into him or her. An easy way to go about it is to check up on their previous work. So look up the contractor and talk to their previous clients to assess how effective the contractor is.

4. Don’t cut corners

Home improvement is like an investment and would require you to shell out the cash, So if you’ve made a plan stick to it. A plan also includes the probable costs that you might incur due to the project. The minute you start to cut corners or ask your contractor to go for cheaper options, the whole agenda is lost. So unless you have the money to invest in your house, don’t go ahead with the idea on a whim and then later regret it. Remember to go for necessary things that the house requires over extravagant inclusions that just improve the aesthetic appeal of the house.

Home Improvement Tips


Regardless of whether you’ve just bought a new house or if you’ve been living in the same house for 20 years, there is this feeling of renovating it to make it feel more personalised than before. Well if that’s the case, keep reading to look at essential tips to keep in mind when you’re considering home improvement.

1. Value over Attractions

It is good to focus on including or changing things in your house that will result in a decent long-term investment. It is great to have dreams of a posh bathroom but does it really add value to your house overall? That is the question you should be asking yourself when you’re planning out home improvement. Your house is not going on sale the next month, but it is good to install things that can greatly improve the selling price of the house if the need ever rises in the future. So the route you should be taking is a great heating system over intricate wall hangings because one of them increases the functionality of the house while the other only increases the aesthetic appeal. So choose wisely.

2. Be Quick

The one big mistake that most people make when it comes to home improvement is to focus on the big changes that take time. If there are quick changes that the house needs the get them done quickly, not only do these changes get done quickly but also don’t cost you a bomb since you’re making them before any drastic renovation efforts.

3. To DIY or not to DIY


Take the call early on whether you want to improve your house on your own or you want an expert to do it for you. The financial burden will be immense if you all of a sudden decide to cancel the contract of an expert not to mention that you’ll have to invest a great deal of time into home improvement. So decide during the planning phase whether DIY is really your thing.

4. Choose the right contractor

So if you do go down the route to invest in a contractor, put in good research to find the right one. There are countless stories of contractors ripping people off or doing an underwhelming job that leads to massive financial losses to redo the whole thing. So have a detailed approach to how you’re going to go about hiring the company that is going to be remodelling your home.

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